Brother David Steindl-Rast

I must return again and again to my heart through a process of centering, through taking things to heart. Listening with my heart I will find meaning. For just as the eye perceives light and the ear sound, the heart is the organ for meaning.”



The Moment’s Depth

The moment’s depth is greater than that of the future.

And from the fields of the past, what can you harvest again?

Dried flowers I have from a meadow I laid in with her and moved across her breasts.

When I need love’s scent I touch them.

A mine with jewels can be the past for the heart,

But who goes to an old mine that only made you sad?

I have seen a man walk on a high stretched rope holding a long pole for balance:
memories and dreams can do that, be a great help.

The soul does not understand the word seasons.
The petals on the sun can only be touched now.

The beauty of dried flowers, how can they
compare to

Translated by Daniel Ladinsky