The Theatre (Part I)

“What did you think of the theater today?”

“Oh it was a nice play. The monologue was especially interesting. I think the writer is really in a good groove right now.”

“Yes it really made me think about some things. Not the guy next to me though–he was dozing through the whole thing.”

“Well that happens. Can’t please everyone.”

“Of course not.”

“Did you like the music?”

“It was a little intrusive for my taste, but the musicians were really top notch.”

“Well you get what you pay for.”

“One pence in the basket. The guy next to me didn’t put a thing in. Just passed it right along.”

“The same one who was sleeping?”


“Some people just don’t do their part. Are you going to go again next week?”

“Maybe. I think a different actor is performing, and I really prefer our regular one.”

“Yes I’m much more used to him. But you can always go for the music.”

“I don’t know, it’s not really my style.”

“Really? I like it so much. Well, maybe the substitute actor will encourage a little more audience participation?”

“Nah, I think this is a pretty standard theater. They don’t like to break the fourth wall.”

“Well I’ve gotta get going. Friends coming over for a meal. It’s my favorite part of the day. Good to see you again. I’ll talk to you next week after the show?”

“If I decide to come. I’m thinking about going to this improv comedy thing instead. It’s sort of like a flash mob performance in public.”

“Oh, like a mime sort of thing?”

“No. Not like that.”

“Sounds scary to me. I’m not really one to put myself out there.”

“I’m not exactly either–but I’ve always wanted to try acting, at least in some kind of form.”

“Well maybe that will get some people interested in the theater and you can bring them here after that.”

“Yeah possibly. Our audience has been a little light of late. Do you think the actors are worried?”

“I’m sure they are a little, but more about the theater than themselves. Don’t worry though, the production value won’t suffer. That’s the last thing to go.”


“The show must go on.”


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